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Chris bourke named as new minister for education at Scottish Liberal Democrat party

By Simon Jones

A Scottish Liberal Democrat deputy leader has been named as the new minister for education at the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Stephen Mearns, the former minister for education, culture and sport at the Scottish Liberal Democrats, will lead the party’s campaign group, t더킹카지노he Liberal Democrats for Scotland, which will make him the second of the party’s three deputy leaders to lead.

In a statement, Mr Mearns said: „This is the biggest education reform package for students and the biggest ever given to the Scottish school system, in which the UK government provided around £100m. This will include improvements to teacher qualifications and pay, raising standards on all sides, and improving the quality of learning.

„I have been clear on the reform agenda, and I am committed to delivering on those promises for both Scottish and UK students. We will also develop 더킹카지노the best ways of learning, particularly through education reform to promote innovation. Together with my team of business and academic advisers, we will bring forward a comprehensive plan to deliver that education reform.“

Mr Mearns, 52, is also the first deputy to be named as the first minister of Scotland, joining in the post held by Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister.

It comes as the Scottish Liberal Democrats has said it will b더킹카지노e „extraordinarily active“ in its „unity, growth and opportunity“ election campaign in 2016, launching an effort to win a seat in Edinburgh with one candidate on all nine ballots.

In his statement, the party said: „Stephen will bring together a team of over 300 people, including a new Director of Strategic Planning, Chief Executive Officer and two new national leadership team members. This will enable our candidates to be able to make a real difference to voters in Edinburgh.

„A new centre is also being established in Edinburgh, called ‚The Liberal Democrats for Edinburgh‘ and will bring together a team of more than 100 young people, including a new member of the executive, and help them get the necessary experience to win new members for the party.“