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Nt country hour 10 december 2015, 16:13

This is a sponsored chapter.

Do you read Chinese?

TL: Luna

ED: Elizabet

Editor: Luna

Proofreader: Elizabet

Warnings: N/A

Chapter 31: The End Of The Path

„What a crazy man.“

The sun had set as they returned ho바카라me.

And at that moment, a voice came from within the darkness.

‚Ah, you were there?‘


„Ye-you! The master of your dreams!“

A loud roar broke out, and the room was filled with a strange look.

‚Where is he?‘

A shadow fell on h바카라사이트im, as he frantically began to run, but just as he was about to reach for a weapon, he suddenly halted and looked around.

‚That…is…no ordinary man.‘

A woman was standing near him with her arms crossed, but the person on the other side was not male, but female. She had the appearance of a woman of a certain age, dressed in her finest clothes, holding a sword in one hand and a litre of wine. And just as her eyes fell on him, he saw her smiling a little smile at her. It was an elegant expression.

At the moment the young girl had said that, a figure of a man emerged before her, and before the eyes of the pair of young men.

‚Ah, I have heard of this guy once before, but I never expected for him to come all the way to this town.‘

Her words were strange to him.

‚A knight? You mean…“

The woman was holding onto a strange win바카라e bottle that had a large hole in it, and her left hand held her wineglass with her right.

„I am sorry.“

She slowly drank it, then looked down at the man inside the room with some bewildered look on her face.

The man had blue eyes that were like bright stars as if reflected through a crystal, and a golden helmet that looked like an arrowhead in his hands. On his head he wore a cloth that appeared to be a crown, and an imposing look as if a giant king sat upon it. In his left hand he carried an umbrella, and on his right hand he held a sword, which was a very large one.