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Greek roma couple held on abduction charges

autor vlachy 19.Červen 2020

Greek roma couple held on abduction charges

Police had been calling for the arrest of the suspected kidnappers since Sunday, when the victim’s boyfriend reported seeing them walking along the streets of the city of Trenčo

She was not seen on television or in the public for 20 days and her disappearance was reported as’suspicious‘ by news services at the time of her disappearance, the prosecutor 바카라said.

She was last seen by the victim near the border between Czech Republic and Slovakia and after he reported her missing, police started searching for the suspects.

After his reported sighting, police sent out search parties but found nothing of interest, Trenčo city prosecutor Marek Jovanić said on Tuesday.

In addition, a man claimed to be holding the woman was arrested on the grounds of being a suspect, police told the news agency Dnevnik.

Police also searched two apartments in Trenčo last week and did not find anyone there, Jovanić added.

In 2013, a missing person’s case was declared suspicious in the Czech Republic after it was announced that a woman’s body had been found three months after she went missing

The case remained classified as an abduction case at the time.

According to police, the missing woman had been found in the southern city of Góvská Krumka at about 4pm on Friday evening.

Investigators have not named her family, and they have not mad우리카지노e any formal statement about what she was wearing or what happened to her after the two men went to her apartment.

The man was initially given the charge of possession of stolen property on Sunday, but the prosecutor decided that the suspect should be held on suspicion of abduction on Tuesday, because he was thought to be a threat to the national interest.

Police say the suspect is also suspected of helping in the murder of another woman, while they don’t have any further information about his condition.

In 2013, a woman disappeared in the town of Góvská Krumka, which is near the border between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, near the town of Koln in eastern Slovakia.