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Nearly 100 killed in guatemala landslide hundreds missing in landslide on Nicaragua’s border between El Salvador an예스카지노d Guatemala 1/50 2 Octob카지노 사이트 쿠폰er 2015 A boat carrying construction workers carrying a flag flies past the ‚Umbra‘ in Guatemala City AP 2/50 1 October 2015 Local residents gather near a large billboard depicting Pope Francis with the image of Pope Francis in the background, in central Guatemala Getty Images 3/50 30 September 2015 A local man prepares to wash his eyes while waiting for a bus in an abandoned building in the town of Manabua, in northern Guatemala AFP/Getty 4/50 29 September 2015 Local residents gather near a local mosque in Guatemala City, during a week of prayer to end the violence in the nation’s northeast AFP/Getty 5/50 28 September 2015 Children of two religious groups celebrate a ceremony to mark the one year anniversary of their arrival to Guatemala. Approximately half of all members of the Karen community come from Nigeria, and the rest from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala Reuters 6/50 27 September 2015 Children dressed as traditional characters of Guatemala sit in front of portraits depicting Guatemala’s founder, 18th-century Francisco Soto and others in the town square at a camp outside Guatemala City, Guatemala EPA 7/50 26 September 2015 A mural showing a man dressed as Santa Claus in central Guatemala was erected to commemorate the 10th anniversary of President Juan Orlando Hernandez in Guatemala City AP 8/50 25 September 2015 A bus carrying young girls stands by construction workers carrying construction equipment in the town of Managua, a day after the first day of rains following torrential downpours AFP/Getty 9/50 24 September 2015 Locals prepare fruits and vegetables for farmers during a holiday at a school in Managua, Guatemala Reuters 10/50 23 September 2015 Many people are taking advantage of the last two days of rain to set up camp ahead of next week’s general election. At least 14 million people are affected in Central America and Guatemala. Most of the flooding happened in El Salvador which had the second highest number of deaths from the year after flooding. A similar incident occurred in June last year in northern Honduras when an earthquake killed over 50카지노 딜러0. The same happened in March when an earthquake killed over 10,000 people Reuters 11/50 22 September 2015 People gather for a „National Day of Prayer“ rally in Managua, Guatemala AP 12/50 21 September 2015 Workers load a tractor into a truck following stormy rain in southern Guatemala Getty Images 13/50 20 September 2015 A local woman walks a dog during a storm, which was accompanied by heavy rains and thunderstorms, in the cit