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Moving left uks labour manifesto promises renationalisation of UK energy sector

Labour’s energy spokeswoman, Gloria De Piero, has confirmed plans to renationalise UK electricity and gas production from the taxpayer to local councils and businesses.

De Piero said: „When it comes to Britain’s energy security, the government must take real leadership and start delivering the big reforms we have been바카라 promised.

„Renewable energy is a way to help tackle climate change and we need the right deal with Britain’s industry and businesses to get it done. The Government must get our energy sector right.“

Coal production has fallen by more than half since 1992 after falling by 70 per cent after the crash of 2008. The government plans to spend £130 million over four years on new coal jarvees.commines, mines, mines and the green electricity projects.

De Piero will deliver energy policy on the doorste바카라사이트p, starting with an event at London Water this Wednesday at 5.30pm.

De Piero says: „Renewable energy is what gets Britain to where we want to be. Coal is no longer the cheapest energy source, and our country cannot continue to rely on cheap foreign imports, which will ultimately put the UK’s energy security at risk.“

MEP and former shadow energy minister Clive Lewis will join De Piero and Lewis for a town hall event today at a local council house in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Lewis will warn: „We must take strong action now to protect British families and businesses from further damage caused by the continuing rise in global prices and by the rising number of new coal and gas-fired power stations.

„It is clear that the price of oil and gas is the biggest environmental problem facing the country, not one we have tackled on this side of the Channel. We must put Britain’s interests above all else and we have a duty to provide for our people and the environment.“

The Labour Party’s energy spokeswoman will say: „In return for this commitment, the Government must do the following:

• Put money into the renewable energy target, making it available at no extra cost to new and existing projects;

• Make green electricity a common sector issue from next year to 2016, and allow local authorities to spend more of their local electricity receipts to help them develop green projects;

• Stop councils from charging people for the power they generate with their local authority gas and electric bills;

• Introduce a three-tier charge that has no exemptions and is built int

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