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Body appears to be azahari police chief

autor vlachy 20.Červen 2020

Body appears to be azahari police chief.

„As per reports, he came to visit our office and바카라사이트 was sent back after a brief discussion,“ said a police officer who did not wish to be named.

„He was taken in the police van but there was a few issues with his documents. He was not wearing gloves, and was not carrying any papers,“ said the officer.

When contacted, Shahriar Ahmed was unavailable for comment.

„The case is under investigation but police are yet to collect the report. However, after taking into account the incident and the lack of security arrangements in the area, we had to send him back,“ added a police officer.

Another police officer, who was not autho우리카지노rized to comment on the case, also said he was not aware of any action taken against Shajarvees.comhriar Ahmed.

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