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Moving left uks labour manifesto promises renationalisation of the public sector and scrapping of income tax. Photo: Getty Images

Labor’s campaign pledges to bring back the public sector, renationalisation of the public sector, scrapping of income tax, and building more sustainable infrastructure will be reflected in the party’s election platform.

While the party will not make any specific promises about public sector pay rises or any measures to protect the environment, the election policy platform says „no longer should th우리카지노e public sector be a private company“.

„We call for greater investment and job creation in the public sector, with investment funding flowing through a National Investment Guarantee Scheme, as opposed to the current Public Enterprise Fund which comes from existing tax revenues“, said the party’s Election Media Release (EMR).

„Labor would use $20bn in new investment grants to improve the quality of public services, including investing in new broadband capacity, reducing redundancy through a national strategy to identify new바카라사이트 jobs and create more high-skill jobs, and increasing apprenticeships and skills development programmes.“

Mr Palmer-Brown will deliver a speech on Thursday outlining Labor’s platform that has been cir더킹카지노culated widely in the last two months.

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