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Men on stolen moped snatch bag from womans arm gold coast race in Melbourne


A couple who left two womans‘ chests in a stolen Melbourne motorcycle bag have now pleaded guilty to theft of their valuables.

The two women, aged between 19 and 23, left their valuables in the motorbike while they were out on the Gold Coast this year in what was described by police as an „extreme“ robbery.

They also left money in the bag and their keys in their pocket.

Victoria Police said it would continue to investigate the case and appealed for witnesses to give descriptions of the woman who left them in the motorbike bag.

Detective Acting Deputy Commissioner James O’Dowd said it would be a serious offence to leave something with a person who could be the victim of robbery in Victoria.

„It’s one that’s really difficult to find the person who can assist with that if any of the victims or witnesses come forward,“ he said.

„It could be a very minor offence but it does increase the risk to the public and it raises any potential security concerns as to where the victim or any witnesses might be that’s why it’s of concern.

„I think a victim’s willingne우리카지노ss to come forward if they do have something with them and they have a genuine problem is really important.

„If they haven’t done that then that person’s got to go through a thorough process that might requi우리카지노re a visit from police.“

It happened in a caravan on the Gold Coast of western Australia.

Detective Inspector O’Dowd said there was „no way“ for the female backpackers to have used their womans‘ valuables as they were „out of range“ for their bike at the time of the robbery.

Police were able to trace one of the stolen motorbikes and found the two women the following day.

They remained jailed until their trial date.

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