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Indonesia cattle permits delay live export vejarvees.comssels from Indonesia


Associated Press

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A series of delays in the delivery of permits for animals raised by Indonesian farmers could put hundreds more cows and calves on the market with little warning.

The authorities announced Tuesday that they will grant farmers a temporary stay in November for farmers to apply for a cattle permit but only a final decision by a panel of four scientists from 12 countries. The panel is scheduled to decide in December on whether the permits should be granted.

Indonesia has been cracking down on the live exports of animals to feed consumer markets in Western and Central Asia.

The permits include many of the most prized animals produced by the country’s vast cattle and pigs breeding program, including bullion, horn and bone and even bulls and bovine sperm.

The authorities said the temporary visas will allow farmers to import live cattle an우리카지노d calves under a new system of permits under which the permit is needed at the first sign of disease or illness that could jeopardize the animals‘ welfare.

„The cattle and calves in this market have been in the hands of the Indonesian government for several decades with little attention given to the protection of their welfare,“ said Mandy Chantley, a program coordinator with the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Hygiene in Jakarta. „We believe that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety and the future health of these animals.“

According to Chantley, about 400 million cows and 1.2 million calves are produced annually in Indonesia, while a fifth of them are fattened and slaughtered for food consumption.

Pursuant to international regulations, imported beef and bovine sperm have to be inspected before being sold to foreign markets and only imported under very specific circumstances.

The move to grant cattle and calves a temporary stay from October will allow farmers to apply for three cattle and one cow permits each for live animals, so only a final decision by scientists from 12 countries could be announced soon. The permits would expire June 30, said the department of agriculture and trade.

The department said it would issue a final decision this winter, but that the delay is necessary to accommodate the current shortage of animal and plant species.

The temporary stay더킹카지노 gives the Indonesian government time to consider the effects of the shortage, including how to raise the animals they must buy to meet demand for food.

The department said the delay will be for an unspecified period of tim