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Newest irrigation scheme launched in time for summer holidays in Kerala (Reuters)

The government has spent Rs 26,000 crore to build its own irrigation system as it tries to keep the drought from engulfing Ind우리카지노ia. While an average farm owner of 2 hectares, on average, may save a month off their crop yield in irrigation works, many of these farmers are struggling to make the difference.

A survey done in 2002 by IANS had found that 83 per cent of the farmers surveyed could not be convinced they had enough water to irrigate their fields if no irrigation works were in place. A number of years later, IANS has carried out a survey of farmers in seven districts across the country, where its survey panel had found that only 6 per cent of irrigated farms can water effectively.

On one small farm in the eastern state of Odisha, a man from the village was at the centre of a controversy recently because he refused to stop sprinkling water on his crop at the start of the season. The water was poured on to his crop when rains started early this month.

„I’m getting a total of 6,500 litres of water every hour. If they add a bit more, it would be half that. At present, it would be just 12-13 litres of water,“ said Dinesh, 25, as he was surrounded by villagers at a protest outside the district government office of his village. He had to turn down the irrigation work as he could not afford the extra water.

Other farmers here are not so lucky. They are too broke to buy the required equipment and their costs are skyrocketing due to rising water bills, increasing crop yields and not getting access to good water so바카라urces.

„The prices have come down since we started water rationing. I think the system has worked well,“ said Subramanian, 27, who works in a small vegetable store that sells vegetables and rice. „Now, I can buy water ejarvees.comvery week. But if the crop is not productive, we cannot supply enough water,“ he added.

Kerala water woes: 5 lessons from Kerala

More than 90 per cent of the country’s 8.3 million farmers are struggling to deal with the drought situation, according to an assessment of data collected by the Centre for Environment and Energy at the IIT Kharagpur. According to an expert in the field, the issue is not only of the farmers who are out of work, but also the way the government handles drought relief.

„There is no provision of irrigatio